Success Stories

Andrea, Moose Jaw, SK | Weight Loss: 35 LBS
Before U: 193 LBS | After U: 158 LBS
*Individual weight loss results may vary.

“My name is Andrea Ratke. I am 25 and I am currently studying dental hygiene. I live a very busy life filled with homework, running my own jewelry business and regularly commuting 5 hours on weekends to see my family. I’ve struggled on and off with my weight since high school.

I have always been athletic but in my grade 12 year I had a shoulder surgery that went wrong. It was supposed to be a simple surgery where the surgeon would tighten my shoulder muscle; my shoulder was loose and it would regularly dislocate. They used a numbing device in which a tube was inserted into my incision after surgery and dropped anesthesia into the joint for the next 48 hours to help with the pain. This device was not FDA approved for use in this way. The anesthetic ended up pooling in my joint and eating away at the cartilage in my right shoulder (my dominant arm) leaving me with virtually no cartilage, which resulted in constant bone on bone contact. There is currently a large class action lawsuit going on against the company as a number of others experienced similar joint damage.

This left me with daily pain and limited motion in my shoulder. I had to quit many of the activities that I loved, such as volleyball and basketball. As a result I began to gain weight. I felt really limited in what I could do physically and I struggled with my eating. I thought I was eating healthy but time and time again my weight would fluctuate, eventually putting me at my highest weight of 202 lbs. I lost some weight on my own but eventually gained it back as eating healthy seemed a bit of a guessing game, and I was clueless about portion sizes.

I heard of U Weight Loss through my mom, who was going to start the program. I was so ready for a change. I wanted to be taught how to eat better and control my weight so I went in for a consultation. I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff that immediately made me feel welcome. After finishing my consultation I decided to join. I’m so glad I did! My start weight was 193 lbs and my goal weight was 163. I had never in my adult life weighed less than 167 lbs. I was excited by the wide variety of meal options as I am a fairly picky eater. I found a ton of delicious and satisfying meals that I actually had time to make – they were simple and easy.

The encouragement from the staff drove me to start going to the gym 4-5 days a week. My surgeon encouraged the exercise and U Weight Loss provided me with excellent exercise programs that were modified to fit my needs regarding my shoulder. I also joined some classes like boot camp and Zumba at my gym. I stuck to the U Weight Loss program and some weeks I lost over 2 lbs and some weeks I stayed the same but despite the number on the scale I regularly lost inches. Soon I traded my very tight size 34 jeans for 32’s. Not long after that, I traded those 32’s for 30’s! I currently weigh 158 lbs on my home scale and I’m hoping to get down to 155! I feel like U Weight Loss gave me to tools I needed to live a healthy lifestyle at the weight I was meant to be. I now know how to eat when I go to restaurants or on vacation. In no way was this just a diet to me; it was a lifestyle makeover!

Being a younger person, I feel regularly bombarded with extreme diets, pills, weight loss shakes and insanely unpractical gym regimens to lose weight and live up to the Hollywood standard. At U Weight Loss it’s about becoming the best you, and no one else. The program is practical and healthy. It’s empowering to know that I have been equipped with what I need to live a healthy life at a healthy weight, eating food that doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing out or that I can’t eat out with friends. I feel I would be an excellent choice for the Ultimate U Contest because I think I would appeal to the younger crowd. That’s one of the first things I noticed when I started at U Weight Loss is almost all the testimonies and photos are of older people (which is great but I didn’t see anyone who I could relate to). The time to get healthy and gain control of your weight is now. Don’t wait to do something about it. I feel happy, healthy and ready to live my life in my new body! Thank you, U Weight Loss, for teaching me how to make healthy lifestyle choices for myself.”