Careers at U Weight Loss Clinics

U Weight Loss Clinics has become one of the fastest growing organizations in North America by providing its clients differentiated services based on one-on-one weight loss counseling. We are seeking strong and highly motivated individuals with great people skills who are ready to grow with us. We offer a challenging, positive, and rewarding work environment with extensive training.

U Weight Loss strives to uphold its industry leader position by constantly expanding and improving its top-performance standards. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 100% Client Satisfaction:

Our clients are #1 every step of the way and it is our mission to provide health, happiness and success to those we serve.

  • Make a Difference:

We are in the fortunate position of positively affecting people’s lives and health. It is our business to constantly inspire our clients and employees.

  • Maintain Composure:
    • Our business is an emotional one and we always need to be mindful of other people’s feelings. It is essential to maintain the highest standard of professional behavior at all times, even when under pressure, faced with challenges or in disagreement with others.

      • Practice What You Preach:

      The honesty, truthfulness, consistency and accuracy of one’s actions will go a long way. Act with the highest degree of integrity and be the change you want to affect.

      • Take Responsibility:

      True leaders know that seeking new ways to improve who we are requires taking 100% full responsibility for all of our actions and their results.

      • Embrace Change:

      Our business is about service, responsiveness and growth, but it is mostly about embracing change. This requires us to be accepting and flexible and to face all of our challenges with a positive and inspiring attitude.

      • Improve Yourself and Others:
        • The backbone of our business is all about learning, applying and transferring our knowledge. Learning never stops! We must strive to be constant learners, improving ourselves, our clients, our colleagues, our systems and our company.

          • Build Interpersonal Skills:
            • Working, listening, communicating and socializing with others requires constant work. Be savvy in all of your interpersonal interactions in order to build quality relationships.

              • Strive to Win:
              Develop best practices. All of your systems, goals, plans and meetings should have a clearly defined purpose and desired result. Don’t just hit your goals, exceed them.

              Join the U Team! We are currently hiring…

              Clinic Manager

              Job Overview:

              Clinic Managers are responsible for the overall daily operation and success of the clinic. Reporting to the Clinic Owners, they take the lead role in daily operations, optimizing clinic performance, managing the clinic team, recruitment, customer retention and client satisfaction, delegating various duties, as appropriate, to the Assistant Manager.


              • Deliver exceptional customer service and coaching to clients.
              • Ensure effective Clinic opening and closing procedures are in place and are followed consistently.
              • Set, communicate and meet daily, weekly and monthly personal goals as well as goals for the Assistant Manager and Personal Health Coaches.
              • Promote and educate clients on the U Weight Loss products and Intelligent Nutraceuticals™.
              • Ensure effective planning and compilation of required information for weekly meetings.
              • Train Coaches on effective consultations, Healthy Weight Analysis, coaching sessions and telephone calls, placing particular emphasis on questioning, presentation and product/ industry/program knowledge.
              • Plan and supervise the daily activities for all Coaches, including appointment planning, breaks, telephone calls and canvassing, ensuring maximum productivity and achievement of goals as established.
              • Ensure effective planning, execution and monitoring of telephone calls, lead follow up, appointment planning and program planning.
              • Identify and share best practices and information regarding trends in client needs, concerns and successes.
              • Measure client satisfaction through interviews, surveys and questionnaires.
              • Co-ordinate seasonal/tactical events as required e.g. open houses, social events, marketing activities, etc.

              Experience and Education:

              • College degree or equivalent certification in business, fitness, heath or nutritional sciences is recommended.
              • A minimum of 3 years working in a management capacity in a retail commissions environment.
              • Experience in the fields of counseling, nutrition, fitness or wellness an asset.

              Skills Requirements:

              • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
              • Driven and highly self-motivated.
              • Sales-oriented and customer service focuse.
              • Possess an outgoing nature with team and motivation qualities.
              • Ability to nurture and be empathic to client/employee needs.
              • Capacity to organize management of goal-oriented Personal Health Coaches.
              • Attention to detail with the ability to multi-task.
              • Ease in working in a fast-paced, team-oriented retail environment.
              • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Database and Operating Systems.
              • Knowledge of the science of weight loss, weight management and nutritional sciences.
              • Knowledge of the industry and management requirements/procedures.

              Job Requirements:

              • Available to work flexible hours including day, evening and weekend shifts.


              $35,000.00 to $85,000.00 Annually; 40.00 Hours per week, Bonus, Commission.

              Personal Health Coach

              Job Overview:

              Personal Health Coaches engage with clients on a daily basis and are primarily responsible for laying the foundation for their weight loss successes and health and lifestyle changes by advocating the uniqueness and effectiveness of the U Weight Loss programs. Personal Health Coaches work closely with clients, offering them ongoing encouragement, support and advice in their personal weight loss and improved health journeys.


              • Lead individualized coaching sessions for clients by using selected profiling analytic tools and software.
              • Manage needs and expectations of clients with regards to program services and tools via regular coaching sessions.
              • Act as the main educator and mentor for clients on the U Weight Loss personalized and doctor-formulated programs, proper nutrition and the science of weight loss. This includes: Teaching clients how to overcome weight loss challenges and obstacles; Coaching clients on how to implement behavioral changes in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle; Overlooking client weight loss progress, suggesting changes in programs and selecting different food/meal options for increased success; Designing and performing activities aimed at tracking improvements in weight loss and health maintenance (weight, measurements, food journal and pedometer review, etc.).
              • Endorse the fundamental principles behind the U Weight Loss programs, protocols and products.
              • Act as a role model for clients by following healthy eating habits, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and promoting U Weight Loss products.
              • Offer exceptional customer service to clients at all times.
              • Work with clinic manager to establish daily, weekly and monthly personal targets.
              • Provide administrative assistance in clinic, as required.
              • Accept other duties as identified and assigned by the management team.

              Experience and Education:

              • College degree or equivalent certification in fitness, health or personal coaching is recommended, but not essential.
              • Minimum of 3 years of sales experience with experience in a retail commission environment.

              Knowledge and Skills:

              • Basic understanding of the science of weight loss and healthy lifestyles.
              • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively communicate both over the phone and face-to-face.
              • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office programs.
              • Attention to detail with the ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced retail environment.
              • Team oriented, organized, attentive to detail, enthusiastic, and hardworking.
              • Strong assessment skills, empathy and sensitivity to client needs.
              • Must have strong interpersonal skills to understand the sensitive nature of the client.
              • Highly sales-oriented and customer service focused.

              Job Requirements:

              • Available to work flexible hours including day, evening and weekend hours.
              • Key Performance Factors:
              • Number of clients who achieved goal
              • Percentage of clients who achieved goal
              • Number of clients transitioned from weight loss phase to maintenance phase
              • Number of referrals
              • Percentage of active clients referrals
              • Client feedback


              $12.00 to $16.00 Hourly, Bonus, Commission.