Who We Are

U Weight Loss is a leading health and wellness company. Our personalized weight loss programs are scientifically based and developed by a team of health professionals, including medical doctors, naturopaths and registered nutritional consultants. This sets us apart and helps make U Weight Loss an industry leader. The programs are safe and proven, and are designed to cater to families as well as individuals.

U Weight Loss clients are guided towards their health and weight goals by a team of Certified Personal Health Coaches who help them develop programs designed to suit their lifestyle and needs. Not only do clients get expert one-on-one advice on nutrition, weight loss and health, but they’re also encouraged to incorporate exercise – based on their level and preference – into their weight loss program. A vast variety of recipes help fuel client success as well, all of which are perfectly balanced according to nutrient ratios.

Results are further ensured through nutritional supplementation with our Intelligent Nutraceuticals, a complete line of award-winning and customized professional supplements and vitamins. These are formulated to accelerate weight loss, ensure optimal nutrition and improve overall health.

The primary goal of U Weight Loss is to ensure our clients find a successful path that will lead them towards lasting weight loss, and achieving a lifetime of good health in the process.


U Weight Loss promotes three key factors that take into consideration the science behind weight loss and help influence how efficiently people lose weight. Every U Weight Loss program is designed to incorporate these three important elements:

  • Optimal Detoxification

Toxins in our environment, air, food and water greatly contribute to excess weight, disrupting the delicate balance of the body’s hormonal system, metabolism, appetite and fat storage. U Weight Loss gets clients started with a Detoxification Phase, creating a strong foundation for healthy, rapid and lasting weight loss. This phase frees the body of toxins, improving digestion, increasing energy levels and helping to control appetite.

  • Hormonal Balance

Whether you’re lean or overweight, hormones regulate your metabolism and have a major influence on how you gain weight – and how you can lose it too. Optimizing the way hormones function is an important but often overlooked part of most weight reduction programs. U Weight Loss, however, focuses on improving blood sugar control, lowering insulin levels, maintaining muscle mass and losing body fat.

  • Increased Metabolism

Each person’s metabolic rate is unique and influences how efficiently calories are used in their body. Several factors influence metabolism and increase the number of calories burned, ultimately leading to weight loss. These include the preservation of muscle mass, the balancing out of blood sugar levels, the reduction of cravings and the loss of fat around the abdomen. Addressing these factors, U Weight Loss ensures that weight loss goals are not only reached but can be maintained over time. 

Read more about our 3 keys behind weight loss:

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  • Maintenance

The maintenance portion of the weight loss journey is customized based on age, gender, and activity level. It focuses on maintaining a new healthy body weight and avoiding the rebound weight gain that many individuals who lose weight on a weight reduction program experience. 


The truth is that most weight loss programs work – at least for some people. They work because they cut calories and follow the basic principles of weight loss. But they don’t all work for everyone. You are an individual with a unique genetic makeup, unique metabolism, unique health challenges, unique needs and unique barriers to weight loss. So it’s not surprising that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best answer for you. Unless your individuality is taken into account, your weight loss program won’t provide you with the results you’re looking for – and won’t lead to changes that you can easily maintain through the rest of your life. For that to happen, your life needs to be considered first.

Every U Weight Loss clinic has Certified Health Coaches that have received extensive training in the area of weight loss and are qualified to coach you through your program. They’ll take into consideration your unique needs and recommend the right course of action for you.


  • In-Depth Assessment of Your Health

We assess your current health condition from the beginning to come up with a unique plan for your success with a Healthy Weight Analysis. This evaluation is the first step towards setting up your personalized program. Our three-step process uses your health history, Biomarkers of Health assessment, and one-on-one consultation to create a plan customized for you.

  • The Right Kind of Weight Loss

The fact is, stepping on a scale tells you some of what’s going on with your body, but it doesn’t tell you everything. How do you know how much of that number consists of body fat, for example? And how much of it is water? While it’s great to lose weight, losing fat is even better, as losing several pounds of water every week does nothing to help you reach your weight loss goals – it can come back just as quickly as it left. Our Certified Health Coaches can determine whether your weight loss is from water, muscle mass or body fat and adjust your program accordingly.

  • Realistic Weight Loss

How much you can expect to lose every week depends on several factors. Using the results from your Healthy Weight Analysis, we can accurately anticipate how much weight and body fat you can lose over time, to make sure you stay on track with your goal.

  • Real Food

All of our programs offer calorie-controlled nutrition plans based on real food. Nothing is pre-packaged and we don’t promote foods that contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Real food nutrition sets you up for eating in the real world. Our meal plans are created by nutritional consultants with culinary backgrounds, who understand the importance of food quality as well as quantity. The ingredients used for your meals can be found at your local grocery store and the recipes are amazingly tasty. You’ll enjoy every minute of eating yourself thin.

  • Exercise Integration

U Weight Loss is one of the few weight loss companies that promotes exercise as a component of its program. All major health organizations highly recommend regular physical activity, along with a balanced diet, as part of a healthy lifestyle. There’s no better time to begin increasing your physical activity than when you’re on a weight loss program – not only will it enhance your results, but it will help you keep the weight off long term. We have created our own comprehensive exercise program, designed by certified personal trainers, that includes three important components of exercise – Aerobic (Cardiovascular) Exercise, Resistance Training and Flexibility Training. The program is simple, doesn’t require you to be a member of a gym, and is easy to incorporate into every phase of the U Weight Loss program.

  • Personal Support
At each visit to our clinic you’ll receive the support and knowledge necessary to understand how your lifestyle, activity levels, food intake and health history have an impact on your weight. You’ll learn how to modify behaviours and make the adjustments necessary to lose weight and keep it off permanently.
Instead of promoting temporary fad diets that offer short-term results, U Weight Loss focuses on the science behind weight loss, placing emphasis on effective detoxification and cleansing, achieving hormonal balance and increasing metabolism for effective and life-long results.

At U Weight Loss, you will learn about changes you can implement into your life that will allow you to take control of your health and your weight – including a balanced diet, an easy-to-follow exercise program and proper nutritional supplementation. You will also receive guidance and support from our team of Certified Health Coaches. Our experienced, friendly and understanding staff will be there to see you through your entire program and motivate you to stay on track and face any challenges that come your way.

By understanding and following all of the principles of the U Weight Loss program, you will be able to lose weight effectively and safely at a steady, GUARANTEED RATE OF ONE TO TWO POUNDS PER WEEK* – the optimal weekly weight loss for long-lasting results.

U Weight Loss will not only help you look your best, we’ll help you feel your best too. As you follow the U Weight Loss program you’ll notice how easy it is to improve your health and reach your weight loss goal. You’ll have more energy, better sleep, fewer cravings, more appetite control, less body fat and a greatly improved state of health. Furthermore, you will gain the knowledge and tools needed to maintain your results for life.
*Guaranteed weight loss of one to two pounds per week is based on an average calculation over the entire term of your weight loss program and is contingent upon strict compliance with the U Weight Loss program, including, without limitation, compliance with the recommended nutritional plan, exercise program and all recommended nutritional supplements.


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*Certain conditions apply. Please see your local clinic for full details.